Managing Data-Poor Fisheries Workshop

The University of California Sea Grant Extension Program and the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) created this workshop to collect ideas about ways to manage fisheries for which little information is available.  The workshop, entitled, “Managing Data-Poor Fisheries: Case Studies, Models and Solutions”, was held December 1-4, 2008, in Berkeley, CA and provided ideas and recommendations to be presented to the DFG about ways to manage fisheries when available data are insufficient for single species or ecosystem-based management.

Picture of a fisherman holding a line
Topics included:

  1. Alternative strategies for managing fisheries without the need for additional data
  2. New analytical techniques to inform management using available data
  3. New techniques to collect and integrate biological and socioeconomic data


The workshop incorporated a series of draft manuscripts from invited national and international experts in data collection and analysis techniques and strategies for managing data-poor fisheries, as well as facilitated discussions of the ideas generated at the workshop. These discussions  included invited managers, scientists and representatives from the fishing and environmental NGO communities. All manuscripts, results and recommendations will be available in a published, peer-reviewed proceedings and a white paper summarizing workshop results.