About the MDPF Team

Rick Starr

Rick Starr in a submersible

Rick Starr conducts research on the distribution, abundance and movements of marine fishes to help promote the wise use, conservation and management of valuable fishery resources.  Much of Rick's current research is intended to help evaluate the marine reserve concept as a tool for managing fisheries.  Rick's current projects include developing statistically rigorous protocols for conducting collaborative fishing surveys in order to provide information for stock assessments and monitoring of MPA's; conducting submersible surveys of fishes and invertebrates for long-term monitoring of MPA's; and developing the tools and techniques to determine the home ranges and frequency of movement of key fish species.



Carrie Culver

Image of Carrie CulverCarrie Culver's research focuses on sustainable fisheries and fishing communities, while protecting and enhancing marine resources. Based in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, her recent work includes educating people about Santa Barbara Channel fisheries through the development of a Fisheries Youth Journalism Academy and a profile of the Santa Barbara Channel fisheries and associated infrastructure needs. Carrie has also been engaged in the development of collaborative data collection programs for the collection of essential fisheries data for the rock crab fishery, evaluations of invertebrate recruitment and kelp (calico) bass movement inside and outside of MPAs, and life history studies of species supporting existing and emerging fisheries. Her program also addresses aquatic invasive species (AIS), including evaluating the potential use of bounties and commercial fisheries to help manage AIS, and monitoring and management strategies for the Chinese mitten crab, harbor- and boat hull-associated AIS, and Eurasian (quagga and zebra) mussels.


Carrie Pomeroy

Image of Carrie Pomeroy

Carrie Pomeroy conducts research, education and outreach on the social, cultural, and economic aspects of marine fisheries in the Monterey Bay area and statewide. Carrie’s current projects include developing socio-cultural and economic data on local fisheries and fishing communities to inform, and assess the impacts of, fishery and ecosystem-based management in central and northern California; characterizing anglers and the potential health threats and benefits of their seafood consumption; and developing information to educate the public about the human dimensions of fisheries. Her published reports include studies of the social and economic organization of the California market squid and wetfish fisheries , the Moss Landing and Santa Cruz Harbor commercial fishing communities, , and market channels and value added to fish landed at Monterey Bay area ports. Carrie was also a coauthor of the Santa Barbara Channel report mentioned above.



Tom Barnes

Tom BarnesTom Barnes is a Program Manager with the California Department of Fish and Game, responsible for oversight of state-managed marine species. He has a long involvement with assessing and managing California's fisheries, most notably rockfish and sardines. During the initial years of the sardine resurgence off the California coast he validated aging techniques and was the principal investigator for annual stock assessments that tracked the recovery of the population. When the Department completed the Nearshore Management Plan in 2002, he was part of the redraft coordination team, and was a contributing author to several of the Plan sections. He has served on several advisory panels for the federal Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC), including the Groundfish Management Team during 2002-2003 and the Scientific and Statistical Committee since 2004. He is an Associate Editor for California Fish and Game, a conservation-oriented refereed journal that is in its 94th year of publication.


Debbie Aseltine-Nielsen

Debbie Aseltine-Nielsen is a biologist at the California Department of Fish and Game.  She is involved in fisheries research.